Hello everyone! It's been a minute. As life does, it somewhat derailed focus on the server for little bit there, but we're glad to say we're mostly back in the swing of things! Let's catch up on what we've done, and where we plan to go.

To start, we've updated a hell of a lot of software smoothing out some remaining bugs and increasing stability even further. This is obviously an eternal cat and mouse, but as of right now, we're in a pretty good spot.

So, being in said spot, now's a better time than ever to start advertising a bit more aggressively! Starting this week, we'll be running a few ads and promotions that should yield a decent influx of new players. We're still in the early stages of testing and learning what kinds of campaigns work best, and as we do, we can begin to do so more effectively and consistently.

There's still much more content we'd like to roll out, namely the expansion of MobArena. It's been sitting mostly idle recently since quests (other than the Premium Pass) still haven't made their way in. That'll probably be the first undertaking in terms of new content, and it's long overdue. Other than that, we'd like to see some more seasonal themed stuff (think Halloween, Christmas, etc) that we had hoped to do last year but external responsibilities struck once again. It'll probably come in the form of cosmetics and items at first, because this our first endeavor of such. Still much to learn and find out what works best. But we very much look forward to it, and hope you all do too!

Thanks so much for sticking around.